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How can our solution team help your business grow? 

 When you work with Solutions For, we bring specialization to the financial challenges you are facing.

You need an experienced CFO to provide strong support for the strategic development of your company through analysis and forecasting.

As your virtual CFO we provide solutions for:

Solving cash flow problems

Ensuring stable and growing revenue

Scaling the company

Expanding to new sales markets and channels

Partnering with other successful companies

Opening new locations and establishing permanency with no surprises

Hiring capable people and building an efficient team

At an affordable rate that allows you to stay competitive and focused on your business goals.

We ensure that our clients have the resources and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals.

Hear from some of our most successful clients below.

From Boston Bluestone on cash flow problems:

“It isn’t always easy to ask people for money or keep on top of who owes what and when it’s due. Working with Solutions For has given me the technology right at my fingertips to make invoices immediately so that clients always know what they owe, when it’s due and I can keep track on my iPad wherever I am.

Even when I lose sight of what is owed, having Michael as our virtual CFO, he is always there to check in with us every week to make sure that we have all of our invoices paid so that we can pay bills and paychecks on time while staying on top of our goals.”

Boston Blueston is a stone manufacturing company located in South Boston.
Italian Cafe Gelato sells authentic Italian Gelato, coffee, and speciality desserts based out of Quincy, MA.

From Italian Cafe Gelato on market analysis:

“Deciding where to set our business seemed simple at first. However, without the market analysis that Michael and his team did for us we would’ve been stuck in an area that was already oversaturated and had very little demand for our business. Instead, we found the perfect location within a community we have now become a part of. We hope to soon expand and with Michael by our side we know that we will find a market that will allow us to meet our revenue goals.”

From SCO Transportation on budgets and future goals:

“We are in constant contact with Michael and his team concerning our cash flow, marketing choices and competitor analysis. Basically anything that involves the future of our company we reach out to Solutions For to discuss with them, our virtual CFOs. We meet every December to create a new budget for the year that has our new goals in mind and makes sure that they are accounted for financially. There are times that we stray from the budget but Michael always makes sure that we know how we are going to afford something before we take the financial risk.”

SCO Transportation is a bussing transportation company located in Holbrook.
D'Orbit is a service provider with capabilities in satellite manufacturing, launch, operations and more located in Como, Italy.

From D’Orbit on taxation and incorporation:

“Michael has a solid knowledge of international taxation and foreign companies operating in the United States. We were ready to expand into a new market within the United States and his experience was invaluable. He ensured that all of our tax filings were in compliance and helped us to incorporate in the state of Delaware. Not to mention his connections with investors in Boston at MIT and in China were an added bonus. It has been a privilege working with him and having him assist our team in Italy here at D’Orbit Inc.”



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