In order to become a well-influenced enterprise in abroad, start-ups need to make full use of some productivity tools, which can offer them convenience and assistance. Here are some great productivity tools to help your startup get to the next level.


Social Media

  • HootSuite
    Hootsuite is a social media management platform. It uses an algorithm developed by Klout to calculate the influence of the Internet. This platform enables the company to make better communication with their followers on Twitter by classifying the followers based on their influence. It allows you to listen and engage with your customers better.


  • Feedly
    In order to cater to the needs of customers, start-ups need to read and know more to keep up with the trend of times. Feedly is a third-party RSS reader that provides a chance for users to be updated with the recent news, they can subscribe various topics on their interests. In addition to supporting online sharing, Feedly also supports word search and word translation.


  • TalkWalker
    TalkWalker is a real-time social marketing analysis tool that can replace Google Alert. Users can use this search engine to find key words, detect competitors, view the exposure of their brands and get resources they want to learn. Apart from that, TalkWalker can analyse user’s influence on social media as well as monitoring and analyzing these data.



  • Slack
    Slack is a combination of chat groups, large-scale tool integration, file integration and unified searches. By the end of 2014, Slack had integrated 65 tools and services such as e-mail, SMS, Google Drives, Trello, Twitter and GitHub. Enterprises will be able to bring together various fragmented corporate communications and collaborations by means of this tool.


  • Evernote
    Evernote is a multifunctional note-taking application. It is available on most major platform systems. Users can save a complete web page to their Evernote account with the web clip plugin. More importantly, this application launched a shared notebook feature in October 2012, allowing different users to share information. With Evernote, people can catch their fleeting inspirations and ideas by recording them on this app.


  • WebEx
    WebEx’s online meeting applications and software services help their customers around the world achieve their most ambitious goals in marketing, sales, training and support. With WebEx Record, users can record full-screen or specified window, the generated file is extremely clear.


  • Hemingway Editor
    Hemingway Editor is a proofreading website that can help users with their English grammar. It can detect the readability of English articles and offer feedback by different colors. For instance, dense and complicated sentences will be marked by red while green highlight refers to a passive voice. To avoid using “Chinglish”, try out this website.



  • Canva
    With Canva, users can easily create beautiful designs and documents. Compared to Photoshop, this platform aims at lowering the threshold of design. It provides users with a web-based design platform that enables non-designers do all kinds of graphic design. After registration, users can select a common design type based on the type of document.


  • Strikingly
    With Strikingly, a beautiful website can be created in 30 minutes without any design experience. Strikingly makes it easy for users to choose a beautiful template and then mix their own style and uniqueness into it. It has a built-in e-business function. Enterprises can start their online sales once add the simple store section and bind PayPal or Stripe.


  • Fiverr
    The Fiverr website is essentially an information platform, which allows users to publish, accept or share information. What is unique is that it only collects things that are worth 5$( or 5£, 5¥), so is the origin of its name. Information published on this website often beyond everyone’s imagination. They are varied, quite interesting or even bizarre. Fiverr classify these information as funny, writing, business, entertainment, etc.



  • Solutions For
    Solutions For is a group of business specialists, offering financial and marketing expertise. This company has many Chinese clients that have enjoyed success in the Greater Boston Area. Solutions For works with high-potential startups and comes up with the appropriate solutions to help them scale and grow in a timely, analytically-driven manner. They are in a perfect location for new Chinese startups, looking to tap into the US market and bring their businesses to America.


  • Contriber
    Contriber recognizes entrepreneurship as a process of self-development. They run two tech hubs, organize startup events and make investments. Contriber offers fun interfaces that makes work look less stressful. This is another teamwork tool that guarantee group chats, tasks, files and decision making.


  • Rescue Time
    Rescue Time is a platform that tracks and records time you spend on specific behaviour. It is available on OSX, PC and Android, which is convenient. This tool helps companies manage their time more efficiently. Users will receive notifications of weekly reports, that will allow them to reflect and fully take advantage of their time.


  • PercoLate
    PercoLate is a personalized brand marketing and interactive platform. It helps clients build personalized marketing strategies and extend brand content by posting relevant brand content on social networks. In recent years, this website added features to promote their clients by fans on their own social network. Percolate helps us rethink content management and engagement.


  • AngelList
    AngelList is where the world meets start-ups. It is a financing platform and social network that connects early-stage start-ups and investors. AngelList provides entrepreneurs with relevant legal documents, including standard forms, automatically generated transaction documents, electronic signature tools and production of PDF files. In addition, this website is also detrimental to the recruitment of talents. It allows entrepreneurs to find more suitable employees efficiently.

In a word, all of these tools can offer help to start-ups in terms of finance, time, money, information, talent, etc. Try to find more useful and important tools to work more efficiently!