High tech is a category which encompasses several types of startups. From robotics, to artificial intelligence, to encryption software, Boston is the home to many high tech startups and is a great location to grow your high tech startup.  Boston’s rise in high tech is due in par to the strong ties it has to some of the world’s best engineering schools. High tech startups source employees and important partners from engineering schools like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Northeastern University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  

Although some of Boston’s largest startup exits in the last few years have been in biotech, it’s high tech startups have always enjoyed success. Look no further than Facebook, which was started at Harvard by a teenaged Mark Zuckerberg, to see the potential in this area.  Facebook is now venturing more into artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not a single technology, but rather a collection of technologies that are applied to specific tasks. AI itself is a field that will likely guarantee new employment opportunities in the future. Companies are using AI to work in fields such as email management, creative writing, cancer diagnostic and even makeup applications.  

Robotics startups need space for engineering – you probably won’t see them at your typical shared working space or incubator. The city of Boston recently opened a new working space for robotics startups, courtesy of MassRobotics.  Massrobotics includes labs with the equipment that startups need for testing and prototyping. They will have industrial-grade oscilloscopes, 3D printers, aeroelectronics and an enclosure for indoor drone testing. In addition to this, there is an engineering division at Mass Challenge, one of the best incubators in the nation for startups, called Made at Mass Challenge.  As Mass Challenge is a non-profit organization, they don’t take equity in your company, unlike other big incubators and accelerators. Boston even has robotics specific VCs, such as Grishin Robotics, which focus solely on providing investment for high tech robotics startups.

We have been in collaboration with some of Boston’s high tech startups, including Appinall and Pinon.  Pinon is an interactive social app, developed by Leon Cheng, which allows users to explore new locations in an innovative fashion. Pinon has received support from the Venture Development Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston – just another example of the great support that Boston has for high tech startups.  Appinall is a startup that is trying to get businesses and clients to interact easier. They have found their niche in Boston, and have experienced great user growth, thanks in part to the resources in Boston.

High tech startups have high potential in Boston – contact us to discuss bring your business to Boston.