Consulting with our Founders

Many existing companies and emerging startups have special needs that can only be met with consulting lead projects. We limit this work to direct interaction with our founders. While they focus individually on areas they have expertise in, the founders do work closely together in many aspects to fulfill client needs. Our consulting services focus on the following areas:

We establish a budget and operational plan that leads you and your business every day.

We come from the world of startups. We understand you. Decks and business plans are not operational plans and working budgets. You have to have those to succeed and the tools to use that data every day in making your objectives happen.

Everything we do for our clients is firmly rooted in analytics, projections and sound strategies. We keep you grounded and focused. We are grass roots financial advisors, using technology, analytics, experience, and common sense to help you grow.

Solutions For does not give you just a plan. We give you implementable strategies and tools to make it happen.

We create immediate improvement in gross revenue and cash flow.

You have to make money. Startups forget that. Focused so much on initial rounds and follow-up rounds. Leaving investors exclaiming, “Show me the money!” Its understood profit takes time, but revenue has to start immediately. Hanging on and “hope” is not good enough.

When the contracts are signed, or sales are made, that money has to hit the bank. Whether that’s easy of payment methods to augment collections, outright collection policies, or even something as simple as an aging report, with our tools, you know what you have in the bank for today and tomorrow.

Solutions For helps you grow, stabilize and keep your company engine running profitably.

We support building teams and company structures that get results now.

Solutions For helps teams grow, not only from a financial standpoint, but from a physical one as well.  We specialize in building up your team’s personnel so you can scale faster and reach your goals. To that end, we also help optimize your company’s operations so that your team is logistically sound and communication is optimal. We provide organizational structure, team development, point of sales and cash management systems, inventory control, travel and off site management, and others systems designed to help manage growth.

When you bring in your new employees, you need to provide them with the essential benefits that will keep them around for the long haul.  Through our network of HR specialists, we can provide your company with a comprehensive HR package for your company.  Our services include setting up retirement accounts, finding the best health insurance package for your company, based off of your current means, and setting up a wellness package so that your employees stay happy.  We also support and provided performance review systems and training in sexual harassment awareness, diversity, coaching, and team building.

We institute an immediately implementable tax plan to take advantage of credits, tax saving strategies, and set your entity up for now and the future.

Our consultants understand tax planning must happen. Without planning you miss deductions and don’t place yourself in the best position. Tax planning requires just that “planning”. You can’t make decisions on December 31 and think you are in the best position possible.

When you work with us you will pay the lowest possible tax liability, you will find credits and deductions to help you grow, you will be secure knowing where you stand.

Our founder has been involved in corporate tax planning since 1989. Our team followed every step of the recent Trump tax reform. We know the benefits and what needs to be done to maximize it to a company’s benefit. Startups, early stage and mid size companies are our speciality.

Experience, operational plans and good budgets insure you are positioned to make this happen. Solutions For is your tax strategy partner.

Michael Lemke
CEO and Founder of Solutions For, Inc.

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Ryan Millman
ryan millman
Retirement and Financial Planning

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Michael Miele
michael miele
Financial Consultant and Recruiter

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Alicia Golden
alicia golden
Health Wellness Program Planner

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