It is said by Schopenhauer that “A single person is weak, like the rafting Robinson, who can accomplish many things only with others.” Apparently, an individual person can achieve success in their field by hard work while cooperation is essential to the great achievement. Therefore, in terms of startups that aspire to become prestigious and successful, “How to grow your startup team” is an urgent question need to answer.



These factors constitute a startup team

  1. Personnel
    People are the core strength of the entrepreneurial team while three or more people can form one. The selection of personnel is a very important aspect. In a team, some people may need to draw up plans, some are responsible for organizing and coordinating, some have to monitor the progress of team work, while some others may have to evaluate the team’s ultimate contribution. Different people strive to complete the team’s goals through the division of labor, so the complementation of the staff in terms of knowledge, ability, experience and skills should be taken into account.
  2. Objective
    The entrepreneurial team should have a set common goal to guide the team members, and the goal is reflected in the management of the entrepreneurial enterprise as well as the vision and strategy of it. Teams without goals will not only bring economic losses to the enterprise, but will be difficult to achieve success.
  3. Position
    The positioning of the entrepreneurial team consists of two meanings: One is the positioning of the entrepreneurial team, which determines the results that where the team is in the enterprise, who chooses and determines the team members, and who is responsible for the team’s final response. The other is the individual’s positioning, that is a clear division of work among team members, and the determination of their respective responsibilities.
  4. Plan
    A plan is an arrangement made to achieve the goal, which can adjust or determine your future actions. It can be understood as the specific working process of the target implementation. In general, the entrepreneurial plan should include the types of ventures, capital planning and sources of funds, the proportion of total funds, stage goals, financial forecasts, marketing strategies, possible risk assessments, motivations for entrepreneurship, shareholder rosters, as well as the number of employees.

Tips on how to grow your startup team

  1. Select common objectives
    Pick a common goal and adopt effective strategies to hear every member’s thoughts, in order to make them wholeheartedly strive to achieve this common target. This goal is the embodiment of the common desire of team members in an objective environment. It is a premise to realize the interests of the whole team, to include team members’ personal willingness and targets at the same time. It is indispensable for the goal to be important and attractive enough, which can arise the passion of team members. In addition, this goal needs to be adjusted along with the environment. Only in this way, the enthusiasm and creativity of team members can be fully mobilized to maximize the team’s efficiency.
  2. Good team culture
    A team is several parts that make up one whole. It can be loose such as a pack of sand or even at times contain mutual exclusion, disputes, tension and team division. While there are also teams that remain united and orderly, which can promote win-win cooperation, team awareness, understanding and tolerance. A team needs positive team culture to help its development. A single team can reflect basic values and correct orientation of the enterprise. The establishment of a team culture requires the guidance and promotion of the supervisors. This results to the practical practice and the promotion of your team to a good cultural path.
  3. Effective team communication
    In business management, people who are good at communicating will be experts in uniting partners. A manager who is good at communicating with others can use his sincerity in exchange for the support and trust of his subordinates. Even if the manager is too strict, the subordinates will understand him and perform the rules earnestly. If the manager is not good at communicating with others, the subordinate will not easily accept instructions, even if the order is repeated. Consequently, the efficiency of work productivity then becomes very slow from your staff. A great team leader must sometimes be difficult in order to make a big impact, also realizing how difficult it is for to be in such position as the decision maker.All in all, effective measures need to be adopted when managing your startup team. In addition to the above tips, there are also some other useful suggestions, such as “encouraging your staff properly and timely”. I hope this article can offer some help to your management.