It is said by Stephen William Hawking that “Science is the crystallization and fruit of human wisdom… Looking forward to the future of science, mankind will hold the torch of science on the paradise of the universe.”

In China, there is also a familiar saying that “Science and technology is the first productive force”. This shows that for the country and even the world, technology is enough to make a huge change. Just like in the online world, many people in the hot summer have lamented that the people they want to thank are the inventors of air conditioners and refrigerators. So let’s talk about some of the new innovations in the tech or business world.

2018 AI situations

Since the word “artificial intelligence” was proposed at the Dartmouth Society in 1956, there has been no stopping of research in regards to it. Through the study of this science, people try to simulate, realize and even surpass human intelligence, which plays an important role in eliminating inefficient manual labor and ensuring the accuracy of complex activities. According to the ​”China Artificial Intelligence Development Report 2018″ ​published by Tsinghua University, China’s AI investment and financing accounted for 60% of the world’s total, and the society is also optimistic about the development of this technology. The United States, China, and Japan account for 74% of the total number of global patent disclosures. ​​ selected the top ten AI technologies in 2018, including “brain-based machine translation, robotic autonomous navigation based on multi-sensor, DuerOS conversational artificial intelligence system, mobile AR technology…” These new emerging technologies tell us that AI has received an increased amount og attention in this era.

Dr. Khalid Al-Kofahi said that “In the information industry and at Thomson Reuters, AI and machine learning are already driving innovation and transformation. They are embedded in how we sift through large volumes of data and content and how we enhance, organize, connect, and deliver content and information. They are the engines underlying many of our products and services.”


Blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin, like a database book, which records all transaction records. This technology has gradually gained the attention of the banking and financial industry due to its safe and convenient features. In April 2018, a group of scholars from Oxford University announced the creation of the world’s first blockchain university, Woolf University. On June 25​th​ 2018, the world’s first blockchain-based e-wallet cross-border remittance service was launched in Hong Kong. Users of the Hong Kong version of Alipay AlipayHK can send money to the Philippine wallet Gcash through blockchain technology. Today, industries such as law, real estate, insurance, education, and many other fields have used this technology to serve themselves.

Just like the steam locomotives of the steam era and the electrical appliances of the electrical age, which have become ordinary things in this era, AI technology and blockchain will soon be commonplace. Nowadays, new science, technology and new inventions, even if people don’t understand its meaning, will become inseparable in the near future. What we have to do is to encourage invention and innovation, to inspire the curiosity of people, and to believe that these will one day make our world a better place.