Which will you choose: Reach or Frequency?


If you want your advertisements to be more effective

If you want to earn more profits

If you want people to remember your product

Then you have to know something about Reach and Frequency!


Making choices about how to spend a limited advertising budget in the most effective way can be difficult. There are numerous variables to consider when trying to catch a consumer’s eye and convince them of how crucial your business is. Here at Solutions For we believe that reach and frequency are two of the most important factors to consider. We have broken down our take on the strategies below for your convenience. But you don’t have to make the choices on how to execute these strategies alone, at Solutions For we can help you make these tough choices and execute them according to your goals and budgets.


What is the difference between Reach and Frequency?

If you are selling a new kind of basketball, and you have a certain advertising budget, will you choose to advertise once on 10 various TV channels or to advertise 10 times on ESPN?

Within the sector of advertising, two concepts that are very important to consider are reach and frequency. The former considers the size of the audience in which the advertising information reaches. While the latter refers to the the number of times the target group is in contact with the advertisement within a certain period of time. Reach and frequency strategies play an important role in ad decision-making and effectiveness evaluation.

For example, in the case of same cost analysis. A single budget can either allow for an advertisement to be viewed in a large number of residential areas, where there are many people that see the advertisement, but each person only views it once allowing for a high reach. Or it can be placed in a more limited number of communities with fewer people who come into contact with the advertisement, but each person witnesses the ad numerous times throughout the day leading to a high frequency.

Which is more important: Reach or Frequency?

When we advertise, is it more effective to let as many people as possible see the ad or just cast it to some potential target customers many times? On the surface, it seems as though there are better publicity results when showing ads to more people. But is that really the case?

In our opinion here at Solutions For, without frequency, reach cannot be as effective. For instance, everyday we see numerous kinds of shampoo advertised and each one has its own distinct features. Now try to imagine you are a customer who wants to buy shampoo in the supermarket. If everything else is the same, are you likely to choose the one you always see on TV or the product that you have seen just once? Nine out of ten times it will be the one that you remember seeing advertised numerous times. This is mainly because things that are seen often in daily life will lead to a deeper impression and therefore enter the subconscious. When people make choices, most people will tend to choose familiar things.

Creating and executing an advertising plan

No matter what you do, you need to use various well thought out methods and techniques. An advertising campaign must be thoroughly planned and budgeted for. Taking the time to make choices about reach and frequency is crucial to launching an effective ad campaign. It is important to carefully select target groups through screening and analyzing, then publish your advertisement many times to form a deep impression, which is more useful than carelessly posting the ad to as many people as possible.

Both reach and frequency are essential to a promotional campaign, but it is crucial to be efficient when deciding to whom and how often an ad is viewed. Instead of wasting time and resources allow Solutions For to work with you to create the most effective and efficient advertising campaign.


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