Boston startup mentor and Solutions For founder, Michael Lemke, visited Shanghai, China for business in October of 2017. From his visit, he realized that an effort needed to be made to create an organization that would meet the needs of Chinese and American startups having operations in either country.

For American startups, this opened their market to an entirely different audience and for Chinese startups, Boston represented a cheaper option than Silicon Valley, with a wealth of resources and industry thought leaders.  And thus, the SinoUS Collaborative was born.  The SinoUS Collaborative is a shared working space in Quincy, Massachusetts which doubles down on the advantages that Boston has compared to other US startup hotspots.

The Sino-US Collaborative is housed in a centralized, shared working space located in Quincy, Massachusetts. This location is situated directly south of Boston and remains less than a 15-minute ride from the major universities and other incubator collaborates in the metro Boston area. Quincy is unique as it has a very strong Asian population fully integrated into the residential, business and culture heritage of the city.  It is also realizing a huge surge of “startup fever” as new real estate is developed and the city adopts a more active role in the Life Science Corridor that includes Quincy, Boston and Cambridge.

Sino-US Collaborative will be a great place for innovation and the sharing of ideas.

With the Sino-US Collaborative, Chinese startups will have the perfect location to operate, with reasonably priced business space, regular supportive training, site management, and mentorship support.  In addition, startups will be working closely with the Quincy Chamber of Commerce, led by Tim Cahill, to potentially receive government support and alternative, non-dilutive funding.  According to Tim Cahill, Quincy has “the opportunity to become the next startup hub on the east coast” and it has the support of the city to make it happen.

Founders will have the opportunity to work with each other to get over hurdles.

The Quincy Chamber of Commerce was established as a partnership between Quincy 2000 Collaborative and Discover Quincy.  Its mission is to support economic growth through business development and tourism initiatives.  Quincy Chamber members get exclusive rates on co-operative advertising, marketing programs and sponsorship initiatives as well as opportunities to network with fellow members, business leaders and city officials.  There are also partnership opportunities between the business and government, which help foster and support economic development.
The advantage to working with both the Quincy Chamber, as well as various thought leaders, mentors, and stakeholders at Sino-US Collaborative, is the principle of consensus-based process.  Through the consensus-based process, startups and businesses can get the best solutions to navigating the American business atmosphere.

For decades, it has quietly developed real solutions to problems ranging from governmental policy recommendations to industry standards for a  wide spectrum of activities.  For example, it has been used to help the US Department of Energy to develop a standard for determining some of its minimum efficiency levels.  When you work with the Sino-US Collaborative, you get access to these different stakeholders, from both the private sector as well as the public, through the Quincy Chamber.

Michael Lemke, YuYing Sun and Zhiyi Di manage the Collaborative. There is a member elected board of directors. The whole team meets weekly. Individual space is available at rates far less than metro city shared space locations with all the same benefits. It makes sense to be in Quincy, a truly Chinese-American business community.

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