As a startup company it can be difficult to set aside money for marketing when you are focused on ensuring that your product is unique and well formed. But it is important that from the very beginning you focus on your own marketing strategy. It can take some time to gain traction and you don’t want to waste a second once your product is ready to be sold.

Therefore it’s important to consider some of the easy and less costly tactics to increase awareness and gain more customers.

Using social media

It seems easy enough to simply create Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages to capture the eyes of potential customers. But it’s important to remember your brand and goals from the very start. Your content needs to portray the most important aspects of your company while bringing new and exciting content to viewers. It is a platform to gain new customers but also a platform to solidify who you are and why your company is important.

Posting daily is important to ensure the accurate reach and frequency to gain new customers. But simply posting ill planned content could be damaging to your brand and ward off potential customers. Taking the extra time to be sure that everything you post brings value to a viewer is important. You don’t want to lose the interest of your potential customers by annoying them with content that isn’t relevant or doesn’t benefit them.

Social media can be a free way to stand out in the market but it can also easily hinder your reputation if you don’t put in the time to create valuable and brand relevant content.


Buying advertisements

Advertising is a traditional and commonly used way of advertising. Whether you are buying advertisements on traditional media such as TV or magazines, or promoting yourself with ads on social media, they can create a certain impression of you when executed properly. The design of the advertisement needs to be carried out with care. An excellent and novel advertisement can fully capture the user’s eye.

Again as with social media usage, reach and frequency are also very important to consider when buying ads. The more the number of advertisements, the greater the impact on the user’s psychology, and thus it can achieve better results. It’s important that if you are going to spend precious money on advertisements that you do so in a well thought out manner. Consider the customers you want and where you can best reach them. Then in consideration of your budget, how much can you afford to spend to ensure that they see your advertisement enough times to remember you?

As a new and growing business, you don’t necessarily need to spend money to reach every possible person who may need your product or services. Instead, consider spending more on a smaller sample size in order to really make an impact on their perspective of you.



Making sure that the current customers are happy with your services is very important. As you attempt to grow and expand you can not lose sight of your early clients. Of course you want to make sure that they become recurring clients to increase your profits. But more importantly, they can be a free source of marketing for your company. When people are happy with a product or service they will be more likely to recommend it to their friends and family.

Reaching out to current clients to receive their feedback can be an easy source of analysis and a way to check in with what your doing right or what you may be lacking in. Take advantage of what clients have to tell you and make them feel important in the process. Clients who enjoy your services or product are the most valuable source of marketing to a community of people you may not have been able to reach effectively without them.


Being aware of all of your costs and using your resources effectively is crucial in the early stages of a company. There isn’t a real need to spend an exuberant amount of money on marketing in the beginning. Instead, use your strengths to propel yourself forward. Stand out in your market by creating valuable content on social media, use advertisements effectively and use your happy clients to your advantage.

Solutions For can help you initiate these cost effective marketing strategies by creating a realistic budget for your company that uses all of your resources in the most effective way.