Our Team

Priyanka Chhapia

Accounting Associate

Priyanka is a Masters in accounting candidate at Suffolk University and works as a fellow in the accounting department at the university. She has had the opportunity to work as an intern in the Risk Advisory Department and was also a part of the Internal Audit Team based in India. From these work experiences,  she […]

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Dayva Briand

Social Media Associate

Dayva is a current senior at Boston University working towards a BA/MA in Economics and a B.A. in Political Science. She has worked in both the public and private sector promoting the economic health of cities and businesses. For the past several months she has worked diligently to reinvent our marketing strategy and strives to […]

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Alicia Golden

Wellness Program Planner

Alicia is a personal trainer, running coach, and also holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. During high school she was a three sport athlete competing in soccer, winter and spring track. In college, Alicia continued in athletics, rowing for the University of New Hampshire’s varsity crew team. She came […]

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Ryan Millman

Ryan has spent his entire career working with small business owners, as well as high net worth individuals, to enhance their overall retirement / estate planning. Ryan has differentiated his practice by offering a wide range of products, programs, and services. Recently, this includes executive benefit plans (e.g. split dollar plans, 457(f) deferred compensation programs, […]

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Michael Miele


Michael specializes in enhancing key employee retention, recruitment and retirement through specialized benefit packages for small businesses and start-ups. By educating his clients so that they can make more informed decisions about implementing these programs, Mike helps them find the plan that is mutually beneficial to both the business and its key employees. Mike graduated […]

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Wenbo Chen

Finance & Payroll Manager

Wenbo is a current Masters student in accounting at Bentley University, McCallum Graduate School of Business.  Her responsibilities include managing expense reports and reimbursements, handling payroll for clients, and entering financial transactions into our internal databases and reconciling invoices. She is an important part of the analytics division, communicating with clients and providing them with […]

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Zhiyi Di


Zhiyi Di 毕业于Wheaton College,获得经济学与哲学双学士学位,并在中美两地多家公司有过丰富的工作经历。Zhiyi在如何稳定公司业务方面具有扎实的专业知识。她会根据您的财务数据提供定量分析,并提供个性化的公司运营方案。 电子邮件: dizhiyi@oursolutionteam.com

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Michael Lemke


Michael在指导美国及国际新兴企业发展方面有着丰富的经验。 我们的合作企业大多来自Mass Challenge大赛的优胜者及其他波士顿地区的主流加速器。Michael为多家Mass Challenge的优胜公司提供咨询,成功案例包括ViralGains,Grapevine,SQZBiotech等。Michael活跃于波士顿商业社区,为非营利机构提供法律咨询,并为六家新兴企业引导了投资方向。过去的28年来,Michael以CFA持证人、导师和企业家的身份活跃在金融和行政领域。

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Princeton McClain

Financial Associate

Princeton’s specialty is being able to provide a fair experience in conducting business with clients and creating opportunities for them to grow. He is passionate about what he does and believes that everyone has the potential to reach their goals. Princeton works in both business development and analytics.

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Dr. Jose Baez

International Affairs Consultant

Dr. Jose Baez is a graduated doctor of medicine from Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is currently working with Solutions For on several international contracts and offers assistance in international affairs. Dr. Baez moved to Boston in October 2015. During the first seven months in the USA, he studied English at the […]

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