Tax agent

The tax agent is responsible for the first line of taxation work, which is trivial but very important. They are mainly responsible for handling the daily tax affairs of the company, managing various types of invoices (value-added tax invoices, business tax invoices, etc.), preparing of taxation, statistics and other statements, applying for and submitting approval for company tax concession procedures and managing company tax licenses, etc. They will also come up with feasible plans according to the national taxation and fiscal policy, as well as strengthening the company’s contact with taxation, statistics and other departments.


3 Reasons for hiring a tax agent

  • Improve the efficiency of work

Tax professionals have solid knowledge of tax laws and tax related information, therefore, with their help you can reduce unnecessary steps and greatly increase the work’s efficiency. In contrast, without a tax agent, there is still a need for some employees to take responsibilities. However, they are likely to be unprofessional, which delays time.

  • Enjoy professional services

Through hiring a tax agent, you may have a chance to enjoy professional services. Since tax agents have relevant professional background and rich service experience, they are capable helping you solve tax-related problems. In this era of the increasingly emphasis on refinement and specialization, certain positions must be served by specific people.

  • Save business costs

Taxes have a direct relationship with profits. Hiring a tax commissioner allows you to make full use of local policies within the law to secure greater income for yourself. Although on the surface it seems that hiring a tax commissioner will have a certain cost, the profits they create for the company cannot be ignored.

It’s always a good choice to hire a tax agent. This will mainly improve the efficiency of work and save your costs as well as let you enjoy the benefits of professional services.