What are budget projections?
The budget projections refer to the budget of the company that reflects the cash income and expenditure as well as the operating results and financial status during the planning period. The financial budget is actually the budget of the company as a whole, that is, the master budget. The various business budgets and professional budgets are called partial budgets. The financial budget projections mainly include three types of cash budget, estimated profit and loss statement, and projected balance sheet. The purpose of forecasting is to reflect the predisposition of financial management. That is, to help finance personnel understand and control the future, to minimize their ignorance of the future, to align the expected goals of the financial plan with the possible changes in the surrounding environment and economic conditions, and to have a good understanding of the implementation of the financial plan.

5 Reasons why you need budget projections: 
First, the financial budget is closely linked with the corporate strategic planning and business plan. It helps verify the operability of the strategy and continuously improves the operating efficiency. It is the guarantee for the company to complete the new goal. It lets us know how the plan should be revised, when it should be revised, and what deviations need to be adjusted. More importantly, it allows us to know what has changed in terms of the basis of the budget—the real environment and its assumptions.

Second, the financial budget projections also adopted comprehensive process monitoring to effectively control costs and reduce risks. It is the best tool for deploying core resources while the budget projection is a tool for making resources more productive.

Third, the budget projections also objectively reflect the performance and comprehensive ability of the financial staff. It gradually becomes the primary basis for promotion assessment, and inspires new motivation for learning. Budget forecasting is conducive to fostering the advancement and predictive thinking of financial managers so that they can take precautions. At the same time, the budget forecast involves a large number of scientific methods and modern management methods. This will undoubtedly be of great benefit to improving the quality of financial management personnel.

Fourth, budget estimation is a good tool for experienced managers because they can organize all plans in this way and deploy work around it. For the less experienced managers or managers who have just taken over new positions, the budget is the best tool for them to understand the business and their own work areas.

Finally, budget forecasting is an important basis for making business decisions. The key to management is decision making, and the key to decision making is prediction. It is a reference to the selection of various schemes, for decision makers to make the right choice. For example, when a company makes a business decision, it is bound to involve costs, benefits and capital requirements, which need to be estimated through budget projections. Therefore, budget forecasts directly affect the quality of business decisions.

How to make good budget projections:
Before the preparation of the report, it is a good starting point to collect and analyze the budget for previous years.
Various business budgets prepared by various departments of the company which includes sales budgets, production budgets, cost budgets, materials, low-value consumables purchase budgets, and direct manual budgets. They are an important basis for the preparation of financial budgets and must be consolidated.

Starting from the budget for sales revenue and taking the balance of cash flow as a condition, the data in the budget statement is then formed into a complete system that is closely linked. Finally, the company’s operating results and funds situation are comprehensively reflected through the budget statement of profit and loss and the balance sheet.

When the financial department makes budget forecasts, it must scientifically apply various means to make the predictions more truthful, accurate, and more realistic. It is necessary to do well with less demanding predictions based on experience, investigations, research, and on the basis of comparatively complete financial data and mathematical methods to make quantitative calculations of future financial development.

Budget projections are the basis for decision-making and all leadership decisions are related to the budget projections. In consequence, it is necessary for startups to make budget projections in advance. Contact us for more information on how we can help you to create a reliable and efficient budget for your startup.