You are a founder, an entrepreneur.

You are also probably your de facto CEO.

You have a vision. You do a lot of planning. You put in a lot of hours.

By now you may have an investor. Your first hire was probably a developer or a marketing person in certain cases. No one seems to fail to hire the marketing person, because God knows everyone told you that was a priority. You can’t go wrong with social media exposure, right? LOL

Hopefully, this letter finds you as your revenue model is growing and you are seeing top line revenue.


Stop then, take a moment. There’s a good chance you missed filling the most important position of all. Your right hand person. Your CFO.


“I have that covered. I have an accountant. I have a bookkeeper”.



But is it enough? 

You probably have your bookkeeper or accountant, who is responsible for managing data, doing some calculating, or even analyzing your current reports. The real truth is that that individual only deals with what has happened in the past.  A CFO goes way beyond that; in the present they are are monitoring KPIs and your cash flow, for the future they are working on meeting your budget and implementing your strategic plan. While your accountant is still working on past data, the CFO of your competitor is already predicting future benefits based on the past and present data.

Which one do you prefer?

As a company leader with rich and solid financial knowledge, a CFO can provide strong support for the strategic development through its own analysis and forecasting. Once there are financial problems, such as cash flow and investment, the company will be in crisis. There is no need to ever reach that point. Your CFO can bring long-term benefits and development that leads to results for the company and shareholders by working to solve problems before they ever arise.

 ” Ahh… but that’s a costly person”.



Many times the costs associated with a full-time CFO are out of reach of many businesses and startups. Some chose to forgo a CFO altogether, opting to let one of the founders make the financial decisions with the help of a CPA, accountant, or less experienced individual.

Instead, working with a firm like Solutions For makes it affordable. Our firm is fully functioning and built around the role of a company CFO. With three full-time working partners, an accounting & analytic team, along with a business development team, we know what needs to be done to ensure that you succeed.

When you work with Solutions For, we bring specialization to unique financial challenges you are probably already facing:

  • Ensuring stable and growing revenue
  • Finding adequate funding and getting it into place
  • Scaling the company
  • Expanding new sales markets and channels
  • Partnering with other successful companies
  • Moving locations and establishing permanency with no surprises
  • Hiring capable people and building an efficient team

If you choose to work with us, your engagement can be short or long term and scaled at any level. No expensive commitment to another full-time employee, yet you gain a whole team well suited to fill the role of a traditional full-time CFO. Whether you have a successful small or mid sized business, an under-performing one, a new startup launching, or are planning for a business transition, you need a financial leader. You need a partner with true financial knowledge.

Solutions For is here to help you explore all the options. I am Michael Lemke. I founded this company and I am proud of it. We have helped many companies overcome the very obstacles we have just discussed. Let’s talk and start working together, today.